A Vegan Dinner Party Non-Vegans Will Love!

Picture this. You've just spent weeks planning a vegan dinner party to rule them all. The house is spotless, your outfit looks incredible, and you've just set out a vegas-style spread of the most amazing vegan recipes you could find online. One by one your friends arrive and they dive right in, exalting the food and thereby your culinary mastery. Then, without fail, you hear that one dreaded question that begins your spiral down an inescapable internal existential crisis, "is this it?"

All of the sudden you look around and all you can see is your non-vegan friends silently turning up their noses at your vegan dishes. Will they end up ordering a meat-lovers pizza later to make up for the "rabbit food" you're serving? Should you just cave and make meat next time? Will they event want to stay friends after this Okay granted that scenario was a BIT over the top, but we've all been through some form of it when serving vegan dishes to our meat-eating friends. The easiest way to avoid the stress of throwing a vegan dinner party is to follow these 5 pro tips: 

1. Make The Dishes Look Beautiful

A simple rule of thumb for making dishes look beautiful is to use lots of different colors, shapes, and sizes that will catch the eye. And when setting up a serving area, add fun little trinkets on the table from around the house to spice it up. You can also play with the elevation of the food on the table, like covering a pot with a towel, placing it upside down on the table, and serving your appetizers on top. Anything you can do to add variety to how the food looks will make it SO much more appetizing.

2. Pick Familiar Favorites

We all like what we like, especially as we get older. If you're concerned that your meat-eating friends won't like the vegan food you're serving, make it easier for them by picking vegan versions of dishes they already like! The easiest way to do this is to identify dishes that meat-eaters will have a hard time distinguishing as vegan. Things like vegan moussaka, lasagna, chow meins, stir frys, fried rices, and salads are all great choices because they don't feel like they're "missing" the meat.

3. Get International With It

The easiest way to get creative with your vegan dinner party is to include a variety of international flavors that your guests can choose from. The more variety you add to your menu, the more likely it is your meat-eating friends will find something they like! Think Chinese, Thai, Mexican, Greek, Indian, Italian...there are so many options. We literally imagine a map of the world, and travel around the countries in our minds to think through different dishes that would taste absolutely delicious together.

4. Test It Out

Silicon Valley is famous for the "fail fast" approach because it allows companies to test their assumptions in real life scenarios. We should be doing the same with our vegan food, trying out recipes on meat-eating friends before we get to the big show to really understand what works and what doesn't. Prepare your dishes the week before and take them to the office to share with your colleagues. They'll likely try to be polite, but you're looking for genuine excitement to know you've hit the mark. 

5. Keep It Secret

Obviously, don't lie to your friends and try to convince them that your vegan lasagna is actually filled with ground beef. But at the same time don't feel like you need to announce your dinner party as "vegan" either. If your menu is beautiful with all kinds of different flavors that you've tested before the party, there's a great chance that your guests won't even take notice. Be bold, be brave, and be unapologetically vegan. Plus we all know it's better for them anyway. :D

Want to skip all the planning and work?

Hire a pro! Yes of course you can do all of this yourself, but why not just hire a pro to make sure your party is a surefire hit? No prep, no stress, no clean up. It's clearly the best option out there, and luckily our vegan party catering is just the ticket!