Naturally Niko is a vegan catering company that specializes in wedding catering, corporate catering, party catering, and other event catering in San Jose, California.



San Jose is the tech center of the world, and where there is tech there are droves of intelligent people exploring how to optimize the health of the human body. Books like How Not to Die and Proteinaholic have really guided our understanding of how lifestyle affects health outcomes in human beings, and have led us to accept some fundamental truths about the relationship between food and our health. The first, and most obvious, is that processed foods full of salt, sugar, and trans fats cause all sorts of havoc in your body. The second rule of thumb, which is actually quite controversial according to today's meat-focused norms, is that animal protein has a similar detrimental effect. Luckily for those of us interested and focused on living a vegan life, consumption of different types of plants on a daily basis helps to offset the short and long-term health consequences of these other foods. 

One of the main reasons we started Naturally Niko, and why we specifically love to work with clients in San Jose and Silicon Valley in general, is that we love to promote the health benefits of plant-based foods without making our menus feel like you're on a strict diet. Yes of course a plant-based diet has been proven to be the healthiest way to live, but we're human, and sometimes we just want to indulge and live a little. The vegan menus we create for our clients' events are 100% plant-based, and absolutely delicious. If we're going to take plant-based living mainstream, it has to be in a way that people actually enjoy. We have a lot of respect for people that can put their health before their sinful desires, but we'd rather have the best of both worlds.