Naturally Niko is a vegan catering company that specializes in wedding catering, corporate catering, party catering, and other event catering in Sacramento, California.



One of the reasons we love Sacramento is that its truly a plant-based city. With more trees per capita than almost any other city in the US, Sacramento embodies what it means to integrate nature into our daily lives. The core philosophy we have behind Naturally Niko is one and the same as the city itself, plant-life integration. Its a philosophy that extends far beyond just business for us. Chef Niko is an avid student of plant-based healing, in all of its different forms, and the homes of most of our core team look like proper urban forests! This city embodies exactly who we are as a company, and as individuals. We couldn't feel more fortunate to have the opportunity to contribute our take on delicious vegan cuisine to the plant-based culture that holds this city together.

With that being said we're as guilty as anyone of using the terms "vegan" and "plant-based" interchangeably, when in fact they're very different. Whereas both signal the absence of animal protein from our diets, the term vegan is limiting in that it doesn't further delineate what is included. The idea of a "plant-based" menu not only means that we includes vegetables and exclude animal products, but it also means that we feature the varied and beautiful colors, flavors and textures of the plants themselves. We believe that good food can also be good for you, and we take great pride in promoting physical healing and balance for all of our clients and their guests.