We're artists at heart, so food styling for production-quality photo and video shoots is our favorite. Our food art has been featured in several magazines, and we're always looking to partner with new food photographers to share our food design and vision with the world.


Menu Design

Starts at $2,000 per menu

Times and customer preferences change, but menus often don't. Our menu  design service pairs one of our menu designers with your team to optimize your menu for back-of-house efficiency and front-of-house sales. From physical menu design to dish names, ingredients, preparation, and plating, we'll help take your sales to the next level.

Menu revamps include

One of our menu designers evaluating your menu to implement naming, pricing, preparation and plating adjustments that will drive sales.

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Starts at $1,500 per shoot

When it comes to food art, imagination makes all the difference. For each photo or video shoot, one of our food stylists will work with your team to design individual dishes, foodscapes, and even full-on kitchen environments that align with your creative vision. From restaurant and food websites, to dining magazines, films and shows, food art is queen. 

Shoots include

One of our food stylists working on-site with your food photographer or videographer to translate your vision into stunning production-quality food art.


Event design

Starts at $1,000 per event

There's no better way to impress, potential clients, partners, employees and friends than with food art that speaks to the stomach. When you engage our food stylists for your event design, we'll assemble a TV-quality food spread & floral design that highlights your product or service and sets you apart in a way that will be hard to forget.

Event staging includes

One of our food stylists creating your event design on-site, including your product-focused food spread and hand-crafted signage aligned with your brand.


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